Fahed Sultan

Congratulations to Fahed Sultan | Rolex GMT-Master II

Winning Ticket(s): 222

Rolex GMT-Master II

Winner Drawn on: November 18, 2022

This Rolex GMT- Master II, more well known as The Batman Rolex (£18,000).

The iconic two-tone bezel is the first full-production outing in blue and black. Moreover, its made of a single block of cerachrom, using a patented process that makes it the first watch to feature ceramic components in multiple colours.

Well done to Fahed!

“I’ve never won anything in my life, so to win something like a Rolex, and not any Rolex the one I really wanted for a long time. Actually this watch was the main reason I participated in this raffle. It really took some time for it to sink in what happened on that day. A friend told me that there is a raffle for the GMT Master II, so I said I have to check it out. At first, I was a little skeptical about it, but after reading the reviews and doing some homework I decided to take the chance. I entered the raffle with 5 tickets, choose five locations for the ball and hoped for the best. By the way the registration process is really easy and doesn’t take much time. I really didn’t believe it when I got a call from Harrison to tell me that I might be the winner, I couldn’t focus that day because I was really nervous. I was in the gym when I got the happy news I was in a real shock, and I couldn’t complete my workout, it took me some time to realize what happened. Later that day I had a pleasant chat with Harrison, he called to verify my information, and to congratulate me on the win. Until now I really can’t believe that I won. I would like to thank everybody at Watchlotto for this opportunity if I saw another watch that I like I will never hesitate to participate again, can’t wait to see it on my wrist.”

Fahed Sultan..